Quality is paramount at VariLeer. A Rolex watch is a statement piece. It exudes style, class, and design. But selecting the perfect strap to customize your watch might leave you with an uphill battle. At VariLeer, we make premium quality watch straps that speak to your individuality while maintaining superior craftsmanship. We have spent years developing the ideal materials and components to create the world’s best watch straps. It is this dedication to detail and commitment to quality that separates our inventory from any other on the planet.

Our vision

Our vision is to give you a truly comfortable, stylish, and functional sports Rolex watch strap. This vision is in our very name; VariLeer. A Dutch name meaning, to vary, and leather. Which is to say, we want to give you a variety of Rolex leather strap options for your favorite watch. Ultimately, we want to show you just how amazing Rolex sports watches can look on a hand-picked piece of water-resistant Italian leather. Feel comfortable. Look stylish. All with VariLeer watch straps.

Our defining values

VariLeer About Us page Our Defining Values


We set our sights high, and always look to improve on our latest products. Exceptional quality is critical to us. And this drive to improve the past version of our innovation keeps us moving forward.

Attention to detail

We refuse to give you a product we wouldn’t proudly wear ourselves. That means we don’t add cheap materials to our watch bands. Only premium Italian leather materials make their way onto our watch straps.


If our products don’t meet your standards, we want to hear from you. We are committed to building products worthy of being worn by our customers. And we hold onto that.

Our promise to you

Every watch strap in our selection is fully tested and extensively worn on all models you see on our website. We make sure each strap is comfortable enough to wear all day long and never has to be ‘broken in’ to fit your wrist. Water-resistant and easy to change thanks to our quick release spring bars, you’ll fully enjoy your experience from start to finish—that’s our promise to you.

Meet the founder

Thomas is the owner and founder of VariLeer. A passionate watch fanatic, Thomas developed our brand after his own disappointment in standard Rolex watch straps. Unable to find the perfect quality leather strap to match his style and functionality preferences, he created his own. His passion and dedication to our products can be seen in their quality and detail. Based in the Netherlands, Thomas launched our brand in 2019 and is now bringing quality straps to the world.